Healthcare’s First Transaction Integration Platform for Contracts.
Bring Your Deal Room to Life. ‍Integrate Deals Faster. Turn Your Thesis into Action.

Find post merger contracts

Find post-merger contracts and data in seconds .

All your contracts in one place, organized, searchable, with the data that healthcare teams need built-in by our team of world-class healthcare contracting advisors, supported by Hall Render, the leading experts on the complexities of healthcare regulation and compliance.

Turn Existing Agreements into Action Plans .

Bring your deal room to life. We work with your diligence teams to audit existing agreements, ensuring that every part of the deal receives a plan of action that can be followed through post-close and repeated later.

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Accountable timelines

Keep Your Team Coordinated and Accountable with Timelines, Dashboards, Punchlists, Reminders, And Tracking .

With incredible visibility and transparency, report on virtually any piece of contract data you can imagine, and also on your contract processes. Find costly bottlenecks and eliminate them by seeing each step.

Confidently retrieve and deliver data on Earnout conditions, Assignability, Termination, Renewals, and almost every other provision you could want to see, without reading hundreds of pages of deal docs. Compare agreements across a deal ecosystem and see where cost-saving consolidations and synergies are possible. Never again fear an expensive auto-renewal or sudden expiration.

Collaborate Seamlessly Across Teams and Functions.

With customizable user groups, comments directly on records and documents, and versioning, bring teams and functions together without emails and meeting hours. You can rest upon a repeatable process to smooth out every integration and ensure every person on your deal team has access to what they need.

Collaborate seamlessly

Fuel Your M&A Strategy

  • Org-Wide Financial Transparency
    Provide visibility across your entire org for investors or strategic buyers. Attract new investment with quick reporting across the portfolio, reliable processes, and predictability of scale.

  • Scale Your Deal Team’s Most Valuable Resource
    Save time on less valuable activities like first pass over contacts, clause-hunting, BAA reviews, etc, so that your legal team can focus on integrating acquisitions and speeding up deal flow.

  • Smooth Post-Close Transition
    Swiftly assimilate target payor contracts, associate and employment agreements. Merge high-level contract data. Track key metrics over time. Move from intent to integrated new business without code, without using IT resources, and without stress.

Make Deal Clarity and Speed a Reality.