Get Accurate, Consistent Data

Dirty or missing data isn’t just an inconvenience, it can mean the difference between insights and oversights.
At Ntracts, we are experts at organizing, capturing, and setting up our clients to easily track their contracts’ datapoints.

Data Abstracted Quickly & Accurately

Ntracts team of advisory services contracting experts can perform abstraction and validation of key contractual data providing your organization with valuable data insights. Our AI-enabled data extraction process accelerates insights and minimizes errors.

At a minimum, standard data elements are always recommended, but custom data can be abstracted as well. Based on Contract Type, Custom Data examples include:

  • Parties to the Agreement
  • Effective Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Status
  • Auto Renewal Clauses and Provisions
  • Termination / Out Clause
  • Contract Execution
  • Ntracts evaluates and defines contractual data elements to be abstracted from agreements based on contract type
  • Examples include abstraction of data associated with:
    • Provider Arrangements (Administrative, Call Coverage, Medical Directorships, etc.)
    • Supply Chain Agreements
    • IT Agreements
    • Financial Data Elements
    • Vendor Quality Metrics and Performance Indicators
AI Contract Abstraction

Contract Alignment

Gathering all contracts into a CLM platform is critical for complete contract management control and analysis.
We can help no matter where you are in the contract alignment process:

Call to Contracts!
(Contract Gathering & Upload)

Working with departments on behalf of your organization, Ntracts will perform a “Call to Contracts” to assist in the process of gathering contracts for upload.

If paper contracts need to be gathered, Ntracts will provide education on how to scan contracts for upload. Onsite scanning services are also available.

Contract Organization

For thorough contract records, Ntracts can assist in the organization of contract files to include aligning master agreements, amendments and supporting documentation (BAA’s, COI’s) for upload into Ntracts or other CLM platforms.

Contact our team of contracting experts.

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