Ntracts Contract Management

With the Ntracts Contract Management solution, our customers receive unlimited contract storage. Each contract record is easy to review for contract record details, associated files, parties to the agreement, and contract participants.

Contract Record

Tie Related Documents Together .

  • Ntracts allows users to maintain separate records for different agreements. Our Related Contracts function lets you see other independent agreements in the system and how they relate to the agreement you’re viewing (Master, BAA, Lease, Employment Agreement). You define the relationships, we show them to you.

  • Different entities you engage with could potentially have different files they need to provide you based on your standards.  Whether it be proof of insurance, a form of credential or SOC 2 report, you can define any form of file/document required.  Ntracts then provides the vendor/party a portal for them to upload the required forms.  Ntracts also tracks expiration dates for any document/file and can automatically notify the vendor and capture an updated document.

Case Study

Case Study: How implementing Ntracts unknowingly prepared BJC HealthCare for contracting during the pandemic
  • This contracting team executed 1,500 contracts March-December of 2020 using Ntracts’ automated workflows.

  • 99% of contract requests now route through sourcing due to establishing a “single source of truth,” which increased visibility and reporting on key contractual data points.

Learn why Ntracts’ contract lifecycle management solution is trusted by healthcare organizations across the country to maintain compliance, create efficiencies, and automate processes.