Ntracts Contract Visibility

Know whose desk a contract is on, how long it’s been there, due dates, etc. – including the other party, outside counsel or any participant in your contracting process. This visibility also provides a unique opportunity for evaluating the efficiency of a broader process and identifying where the process could be improved.

healthcare contract visibility through contract management software

Gain Meaningful Insights From Your Contract Data .

  • All data and documents/files within Ntracts are indexed for searchability and reporting.  Every user of Ntracts can create custom dashboards and reports for quick access to what matters to them.

Ongoing Measurement and Review of the Contract .

  • Want to measure performance against SLA’s or Quality Metrics? Create the survey, define who it goes to and schedule it.

  • Reviews of a contract (or components within the contract) can be automatically generated in Ntracts and distributed according to your requirements. You can tailor the survey that will be sent, who it’s sent to and the criteria for initiating the review (scheduled intervals or based on other criteria).

Scheduled report

Learn why Ntracts’ contract lifecycle management solution is trusted by healthcare organizations across the country to maintain compliance, create efficiencies, and automate processes.