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Ntracts and SullivanCotter join in Exclusive Partnership.

Ntracts is excited to work together with SullivanCotter to create an industry-first comprehensive health care contracting and compliance solution.

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Partnership when health systems need it most.

“Just a note to tell you all how much our organization appreciates Ntracts and all the members on the Ntracts team! As you might suspect, our Supply Chain team is swamped with negotiating and executing new, emergency contracts to help supply our hospitals during this pandemic. Even though our team members are working from home, they are quickly securing contracts, in part, due to Ntracts! Our old method of passing paper contracts and hand signing certainly would not work in this new environment, and we recognize how critical Ntracts is to our ability to supply and serve our hospitals right now. Thank you for your continued support and excellent service. You are making a difference in our organization and thus, in the communities we serve.”

Only Ntracts combines the expertise of healthcare compliance professionals and the nation’s largest healthcare law firm.

Your contracts no longer sit on someone’s desk waiting for a signature.

Key contributors are notified throughout the process that their attention is required to keep the process moving.

Real-time reporting.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. When you need the facts and figures right away, it’s easy to get them. Our flexible dashboards let you report, automate, and customize your reporting.

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Ntracts is trusted by legal professionals because it was created by legal professionals. After watching their clients struggle with contract management, the team at Hall Render took matters into their own hands. In 1987, they built the first iteration of software that would become Ntracts. The platform quickly gained traction among the firms clients and has since become the nations leader in contract lifecycle management.

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And that's only the beginning.

Our industry-leading features suite includes everything from in-app document editing to e-signatures, custom data fields to audit trails, role-based security to outside party interface and much more.

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