Contract Management Workflow Automation

Ntracts’ contract management Workflow Automation ensures your consistency and accuracy. With built-in checking for contracts outside of your compliance standards, Ntracts makes sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted before a contract can get to signature.

Ntracts can drastically reduce the time it takes to move a contract through the organization by prompting each participant of the workflow to do their respective tasks. Add in document automation and Ntracts can save significant time and money.

Ntracts contract lifecycle management software dashboard with symbol
Ntracts CLM software intake screen for contracts

Contract Initiation and Origination .

  • Based on the intake survey, Ntracts can automate your existing contract templates to construct documents with all variable language inserted in the right place and data merged from the system. Draft documents can be built to 90% complete before a human interacts with it, saving considerable time.  When negotiating the other party’s document, Ntracts can still tailor and generate other required forms (BAA, etc)
  • Intake surveys are tailored to your organization, type of contract, key criteria required for reviews, approvals, and signatures. Intake surveys are decision-tree based so when certain questions are answered with certain data, subsequent questions can be presented.  Any relevant documents can be captured here (such as vendor draft agreement or any supporting documentation).  Data captured at intake will affect routing and required documents.

Key Date & Task Management

Ntracts proactively manages your contracts. You can define how many days in advance of a termination/renewal date you want the system to identify a record.  Rather than just sending a notification, once identified, Ntracts utilizes workflow to manage the process.  This ensures key dates within a contract aren’t missed.

With Ntracts, you don’t pay for keeping archived records in the system.

Integrated Electronic Signature

When a contract is ready for signature in Ntracts, there’s no need to leave the system to send it out.  Ntracts is one of the few DocuSign Certified Partners in our space.  This means the DocuSign code is built into Ntracts.  Ntracts listens for any updates from DocuSign and updates the system accordingly.

Learn why Ntracts’ contract lifecycle management solution is trusted by healthcare organizations across the country to maintain compliance, create efficiencies, and automate processes.