What you will learn:

In this webinar, our expert speakers provide practical advice on mitigating the risk of a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) and explain how CIAs offer valuable insights into the government’s expectations for all healthcare organization’s compliance structures.

Gain valuable insights into how to avoid a CIA and – if needed – how to navigate the CIA process successfully. Our expert panel will offer practical advice on the key components of a CIA, including compliance requirements, reporting obligations, and monitoring protocols.

Participants will learn best practices for engaging with regulators, maintaining transparency, minimizing risk to avoid a CIA, and requirements during the CIA process.

Whether you are facing a CIA or seeking to avoid one, this Thought Leader webinar will provide essential guidance prior to and during this challenging process.

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Sara Low,
VP of Strategy & Operations, Ntracts

Ritu Kaur Cooper,
Attorney, Hall Render

Stephanie Haywood,
Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Engagement, Ntracts