Podcast: SCCE & HCCA Compliance Perspectives Podcast: David Paschall and Stephanie Haywood on Contract Lifecycle Management

Learn How Your CLM Platform Should be Working for Your Organization.

– How would you describe your CLM solution?
– Can you look to your CLM solution to help spearhead compliance best practices across your organization?
– Does your CLM solution actively finds cost savings and add to your bottom line? 

In this episode of the HCCA Compliance Perspectives podcast, contract lifecycle management experts, Stephanie Haywood and David Paschall, along with host, Adam Turteltaub, discuss the relatively recent shifts they’ve seen in the expectations healthcare organizations have for their CLM solution.

With the ongoing challenges that healthcare organizations face today – staffing issues, shrinking margins, and changing regulatory requirements – it is clear that implementing a best-in-class CLM solution is a necessity and can no longer be considered a nice-to-have. Listen to the full episode now.