We’re about 10 days away from this year’s in-person Ntracts Advisory Council (NAC) meeting, and we have some exciting updates!

We are thrilled to extend an enthusiastic welcome to our esteemed members as we gear up to host our annual, in-person NAC meeting in the vibrant city of Chicago. This year’s gathering holds special significance for us, not only because it offers a centralized locale for our annual in-person meetup, but also because it brings us closer to the heart of our CEO’s beloved baseball team – the Cubs!

As we travel to the windy city, ready to share ideas and insight, we can’t help but reminisce about the momentum we generated from last year’s NAC meeting in Nashville.

Last year, our in-person event included quality listening and discussion sessions, guest speaker Dakasha Winton, Sr. VP and Chief Government Relations Officer at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, and a visit to an authentic country western hole-in-the-wall for the full Nashville experience.

The success of our 2022 in-person NAC gathering in Nashville paved the way for another opportunity for us to come together, share our visions, and exchange ideas once again.

Although the NAC has a great influence on the strategic roadmap of our solutions at Ntracts, the primary mission of the NAC is to serve the members themselves. It serves as a platform for generating real opportunities to steer each members’ organization’s trajectory, fostering connections with like-minded peers, and nurturing involvement on the Ntracts’ CLM solution in a meaningful way.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each highly esteemed member of our council for their invaluable time, talent, and dedication to this community in propelling each other’s organizational contract lifecycle management goals towards greater heights.

Together, we have crafted a space within the NAC that values continuous learning, innovation, and enrichment.

This year, our team has meticulously curated a program that includes, not only an educational session from a preeminent general counsel, but this year, each NAC member will take the stage to speak on a select topic.

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