A Fully Optimized Contract Lifecycle Management Process Isn’t Built in a Day: Navigating Contract Management from Repository to Fully Optimized CLM

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is a vital aspect of healthcare organizations, driving efficiency, reducing risks, and maximizing the value of your contracts and contracting process.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that CLM is not a one-size-fits-all process in the healthcare industry. Each healthcare organization’s journey through CLM is unique, and while there are established best practices, the implementation of a CLM solution must be tailored to fit the needs of the organization.

In this video, we’ve identified the 5 stages that most healthcare organizations go through as they’re building a robust CLM process. These stages serve as a roadmap to guide organizations in optimizing their contract management processes, policies and procedures.

Learn what stage your organization falls into and learn the CLM-related action items and strategic objectives we recommend for each stage.