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“Ntracts Secures Significant Investment from Accel-KKR”

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Happy clients!

The Ntracts’ team supports our clients at every step, from implementation to support to account management. We pride ourselves on our client partnerships and client satisfaction. It shows in the notes and feedback we receive!

See more feedback from happy clients.

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In-person Ntracts Advisory Council (NAC) meeting we hosted in Chicago.

The Ntracts Advisory Council meets throughout the year virtually and gathers in-person once each year. The event is designed for members to share ideas and insights around contract management and healthcare compliance. The event included quality listening and discussion sessions, guest speakers, and a cubs game!

As David Paschall puts it, “When we launched the Ntracts Advisory Council two years ago, we knew this group of healthcare compliance, contract management, and legal experts would benefit from being in the same room together to share ideas and insights. We’re ecstatic to facilitate this meeting and honored that our members trust us with their insights, their stories, and their performance improvement mindset. We’re so thankful they’re willing and eager to participate in this type of knowledge sharing to better the industry and contract management practices overall.”

Read more about the insights from Ntracts’ 2nd Annual Ntracts’ Advisory Council (NAC) Meeting.

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Early this year, the Ntracts team was challenged with several goals, including: maintaining our client retention rate of over 98% and maintaining our 100% successful implementation rate.

These achievements are significant as Client Retention Rate (CRR) is a direct reflection of client satisfaction (93% and above is considered a high rate) and successful implementation assures clients are set up for continued success in reaching their CLM goals.

The wager: If the team achieved these and other goals by June 30th, David Paschall would sit in a Waffle House for 24 hours and only able to reduce his time there by 1 hour per waffle eaten.

To help us celebrate these (and other achievements) we encouraged donations to local charities on a per-waffle-eaten bases (or as a flat amount). Thanks to our partners and team members, we were able to donate a total of $10,000 to worthy charities!

Thank you to donors
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Our in-person team event!

This summer, the Ntracts team gathered at our headquarters in Chattanooga, TN where we held break-out strategy sessions, discussion sessions on team values and mission, plenty of Top Golf, and an epic breakfast at the Waffle House.

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We were honored to guest-speak on several shows this year from American Health Law Association’s “Speaking of Health Law” to Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA)’s “Compliance & Ethics” to MarketScale’s “Highway to Health”.

Check out our collection of 2023 podcast episodes here: https://www.ntracts.com/category/podcast/

Below is our most popular episode of the year: Stephanie Haywood sat down with Jerry Lear, Chief Internal Audit/ERM Officer, Bon Secours Mercy Health and Ken Zeko, Principal Advisor, Hall Render Advisory Services to discuss the steps health care organizations can take to conduct thorough risk assessments to ensure stark and Anti-Kickback compliance.

Listen on demand now! 

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For the past several years, we’ve been honored to join forces with Ritu Cooper, Attorney within the health section and co-leader of the compliance service line at Hall Render, to discuss the latest developments in topics relevant to healthcare legal and compliance professionals.

Please take a moment to browse our collection of joint webinars.

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This year we had the pleasure of sponsoring many wonderful events and conferences including those hosted by the American Health Law Association, Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), Consero, and International Performance Management Institute (IPMI).

If you stopped by our booth or attended one of our thought leadership sessions this year, thank you! We truly enjoy connecting with you and sharing our passion for contract lifecycle management and all things related!

Below is one of our favorite conference give-aways of 2023 – individually packaged Stroopwafels – which signified our theme: “We eat contract non-compliance for breakfast.”

Learn more about all of the conferences we attended this year.

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Podcast: Best practices for operationalizing risk assessment

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