Why is Ntracts consistently beating the competition?

We care about your success.

Having lost only 1 customer in 25+ years, Ntracts is genuinely committed to providing you value with a solution designed to meet your specific needs and a support system to ensure your continued satisfaction.

Fixed fee, unlimited use

No matter how many contracts you put in the system or how many users are on the system, your cost stays the same for the life of the agreement.  This isn’t some sort of premium pricing plan; it’s just the right thing to do.


Ntracts is completely configurable and can operate in virtually any industry.  With the help of our business analysts, we can tailor your system to your organization; not the other way around.  From highly compliant/regulated environments to a comprehensive contract repository, Ntracts can meet your needs.

Law firm owned

Usability with confidence; that’s what being started out of a law firm does for Ntracts.  We are consistently considered the most ‘easy-to-use system’ on the market.  As importantly, it works every time, all the time exactly like an attorney would expect.

Your data

85% of our new business comes from our competition.  Of course, these clients would like to convert their data from their old system to ours but the quickly learn (and quite surprisingly), they don’t own their data; their vendor will use it to handcuff them and make moving elsewhere difficult.  Not with Ntracts; you own all of your data and it’s written into our contract.

Workflow automation

Ntracts does workflow better than any provider in the space.  And we’ve done it longer.  Unlike many competitors, we don’t force you to fit your processes into our model.  Ntracts can be completely configured and to your process.  Workflow automation lets you know who’s desk the contract is on and prompts users along the way to keep the process moving.  Many of our clients are now realizing the value of this data and are able to quantitatively know how long a contract (or type of contract) takes from start to finish and maybe more importantly, where are their roadblocks; how can they make their processes better.