consulting services

High Impact Strategies for Organizational Effectiveness – and much more.

Ntracts Consulting Services works closely with our clients to identify and improve key operational issues by offering a full portfolio of consulting services. We understand the complexities of process improvement, change management, and strategic initiatives. Our professionals will guide you through these critical steps.

What’s more, we are owned by and closely partner with Hall Render; the largest healthcare law firm in the country.

Best Practices Evaluation

A “best practice” for one company may not fit your strategic goals and organizational structure. Relying on deep, functional experience from countless implementations, we take the time to get to know you and your business, and work with you to leverage what is working and identify what is not. 

Current State Process Analysis

Ntracts Consulting Services works alongside your staff to gain real knowledge of your processes. We use this analysis in the transformation process to achieve maximum organizational efficiency.

Future State Solution Delivery

Using the results of exhaustive evaluation and analysis, our Professional Consulting Services helps you remove hurdles to efficiency by maximizing technology. We work alongside you to design and deploy a roadmap to your strategic goals. 

Hall Render Ownership and Expertise

Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C. focuses its practice on health law and is recognized as one of the nation’s preeminent health law firms. With over 40 years of experience in the health law business and 200 attorneys serving health care clients, Hall Render is the largest health care-focused law firm in the country. Clients include large and small business entities from a wide variety of industries, nonprofit organizations, private individuals and major health care providers.

Because the scope of a client’s needs often extend simultaneously into many areas of law, Hall Render attorneys work as teams to share their diverse knowledge and experience, providing their clients with comprehensive, efficient and proactive legal advice and business consultation.

Capitalizing on the education and experience of each of their attorneys, Hall Render provides clients with the highest standard of service. While they continually stay abreast of current trends and changes within their clients’ industries and adapt their services and structure to accommodate those needs, Hall Render has never wavered from the tradition of excellence on which it was founded. We are continually searching for ways to improve upon that excellence.

Practice Areas

Hall Render health law attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of the complex, highly regulated health care industry. Their knowledge comes from years of extensive experience representing various health care clients, as well as a constant awareness of what is occurring in the industry at any given time. Their attorneys continually monitor important modifications in legislation and regulation that impact the industry daily. Staying aware of, and involved in, the rapid changes in health care reform is a primary focus of our firm, allowing us to provide timely counsel to our clients.

Hall Render clients encompass a wide variety of companies in the health care industry, including hospitals and hospital systems, community hospitals, long-term care facilities, large medical groups and solo practice physicians. They serve as general counsel to hospitals, advising them on various legal issues ranging from reimbursement and labor law to the contracting involved in building a new hospital wing or medical building.

Hall Render attorneys routinely help clients in the health care industry with business transactions, health care reform, regulatory issues, joint ventures, ethical and religious directives, health information systems, compliance, accountable care organizations, licensing, tax, antitrust, managed care, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, medical staff relations, tax-exempt financing, patient care, HIPAA, real estate and construction and labor and employment issues.