Contract Lifecycle Management

Compliance, Efficiency, Scalability, Visibility

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About Ntracts, Inc.

A software company born from a law firm has a different DNA; a passion to serve our customers and their needs unlike most.  Ntracts is now the fastest growing contract management software company because:

  • Founded and owned by Hall Render; the largest healthcare law firm in the United States.
  • Since inception in 1987, Ntracts has only lost one customer
  • Unlimited-use (users, records, documents)
  • Flat-fee, predictable, annual licensing
  • 85% of our new business comes from our competition
  • Consistently chosen for user-friendly interface and proven workflow automation

Ntracts CLM2

More than a contract library, Ntracts CLM2 is a fully scalable enterprise software application specifically designed to help you be more efficient, more accurate, more compliant, while providing unparalleled visibility into your contracting processes.  Each deployment of Ntracts CLM2 is uniquely tailored to each customers’ unique business needs and processes.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Through the use of process automation (workflows) and advanced search & reporting features, Ntracts is the only contract management system that facilitates the contract creation and approval, along with the review, renewal, amendment, and termination of your agreements.  With full visibility of where your contracts are every step of the way, you also have the opportunity to measure and report on your processes.

With fully integrated partner solutions and features such as Internal communications, you no longer need to jump back and forth between applications, wasting time and energy, and potentially losing or exposing data along the way.

Process Automation / Workflow

Using our proprietary workflow engine, Ntracts can replicate your business processes and potentially improve them by using automation and conditional logic to move the correct information to the correct people, at the right time – providing real-time visibility to where your contracts are in the process (whose desk is the contract on?).

Fully customized, or out-of-the-box, Ntracts CLM2 has the workflow capabilities and features built-in to efficiently manage your processes:


No need to manually choose from a clause library, let Ntracts and HotDocs dynamically build your draft documents using your templates.


Electronic signatures can be obtained through Ntracts, and/or email.

Route any document, on the fly, for review / approval / signature – as needed.


Advanced Search & Reporting

What good is your data if it’s difficult to obtain?  With all fields available for searching and reporting, Ntracts CLM2 puts all of your data at your fingertips through comprehensive search tools and an advanced reporting system, making ongoing contract administration easy and simple.

Powerful Searching:

  • Full OCR Indexing of all files.
  • All data points are available for searching and reporting
  • Export search results to PDF, CSV, HTML…
  • Save searches and filters for quick recall and use

Ad-Hoc Reporting:

  • Drag and drop report creation interface
  • Interactive data visualizations
  • User-scheduled, automated run and delivery of reports
  • User-customized dashboards