Our Integration & Collaboration Partners

Our product roadmap is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. In order to deliver meaningful, cutting-edge solutions, we work with other industry leading software providers, such as:


Automated Document Assembly

Hotdocs Document Assembly uses your templates and language to quickly create up-to-date contracts without leaving your Ntracts system.


DocuSign provides an automated process for getting electronic signatures via the Nbox and workflow components of Ntracts – without time-consuming printing, signing, scanning, or uploading.

abby-contract-management-software-integrationFile Indexing

The ABBYY Index Server enables you to search all files stored in Ntracts – scanned image PDFs, text based documents, and other industry known file formats.

exago-contract-management-software-integrationAdvanced Reporting

Exago, Inc. provides a seamless, intuitive ad hoc reporting environment with drag-and-drop building and modification.