TAMPA, Fla., June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — FMVMD™, powered by Carnahan Group, and Ntracts have partnered to share their ideas on further creating efficiencies around the timely and costly compliance gaps for healthcare organizations. The end goal is to have clients input data into either product, then have that information pass through both platforms to facilitate client business processes and eliminate the replication of efforts. The mutual priorities of FMVMD™ and Ntracts are that the systems need to be economically beneficial and yield greater control to the customer. Both forward-thinking companies believe this partnership could open the door to incredible streamlining possibilities.

“This partnership brings together two of the best in their respective areas of focus. Contract Management and Fair Market Valuation go hand-in-hand and the alignment of our products can deliver significant value to our customers. Carnahan Group and Ntracts have similar values and business strategies; we drive value for our clients,” says John Shane, CEO of Ntracts.

Great minds think alike – the two platforms were both founded on the idea of emulating healthcare systems’ workflow by providing customizable features and functionalities, automating mundane tasks that bog down the business process, and centralizing communication to avoid the back-and-forth emailing, uploading, and downloading of documents.

“Two best-in-class healthcare technologies are being brought together to bring down the cost of compliance and reduce inefficiencies. Our shared mindsets in customer service and technology integration, is the perfect formula for greater innovative solutions to come,” says Chris Carnahan, President of Carnahan Group.

About Carnahan Group: Carnahan Group, Inc. is an ingenious healthcare technology firm that uses game-changing technology to drive compliance and cost reductions for some of the world’s largest healthcare organizations. For over 15 years, Carnahan Group has served the healthcare industry by providing FMVs on physician compensation and businesses, as well as conducting Community Needs Assessments and Community Health Needs Assessments.

About Ntracts: Ntracts, Inc. offers a software-as-a-service application that enables users to originate, search for and report on contracts. The application also accelerates the contract review and approval process by automatically notifying responsible parties of contract requests, approaching expiration dates and other critical performance milestones, saving clients both time and money. Ntracts, Inc. is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, along with Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, one of the nation’s leading health care law firms.